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Scotomaville is a Self-awareness and Reflection Care series and platform with the understanding gained by personal experience of the 30 episode video series, a 336-page full-color workbook, and a rich-featured online portal for participants' guidance and support. The Scotomaville program utilizes an IMPARTATION METHODOLOGY that leads the participants in self-reflection via video modeling of the authors. In addition, the impartation model fosters and scales the personal transformation of the participant by nurturing them through the community development process:
I Do - You Watch, We Do - We Watch, You Do - I Watch



  • Self-paced
  • Self Supported
  • Free - no costs
  • 30 YouTube Videos
  • YouTube Commenting
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  • Self-paced
  • Peer Supported
  • PDF Chapter Downloads
  • Streaming Chapter Videos
  • Episode Discussion
  • Subscriber Introductions
  • Subscriber Profile + Biography
  • Subscriber Directory
  • Expedition Story Sharing
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  • Paced @ 1-hr effort /week
  • Author Supported
  • includes the EXPLORER Package
  • Monthly Group Zoom w/author
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The more you love what you are doing, the more successful it will be for you.
Jerry Gillies



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